How to Wet Shave Step by Step

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PROShaved’s Guide to Wet Shave Step by Step


wet shave


Shaving with double edge safety razor is one of the most effective ways to get a clean, close shave. Using a double edge safety razor is also one of the simplest methods of shaving, with very little room for error. It is easy to learn and is a method used by men all over the world. By the end of this article, you will know how to wet shave with a double edge razor and get fabulous results!

Shaving with a double edge safety razor has been popular with men for more than a century now. The head is made of two metal plates with a metal handle. You have to unscrew the upper plate to insert the razor blade under it, after which the upper plate is placed back in place in the standard 3 piece model like this:


wet shave


There is only one blade used for a shave, and this can be used up to a week of daily shaves. You can also rotate the sides of the blade to use the opposite side the next week, thus giving you value for money out of a single blade.

The weight of double edge safety razor is often 3-4x heavier than that of other razors, which helps to give you a smoother and long-lasting shave, even without using multiple blades like cartridge or electric razors do. The heavier the metal handle, the less pressure you need to apply for the shave. This makes it more comfortable to shave as well. Longer and heavier is better.

Using a double edge safety razor is also extremely economical. While there are a wide range of prices for both blades and razors, ranging from $20 on the lower end to $100 on the upper end, with blades starting at $2 for 10 blades, there is no doubt that the quality of shave that you get is one of the closest and smoothest, without any nicks or cuts as well, because this is one of the most easiest ways of shaving to learn and master.


How to use a Double Edge Safety Razor

If you are wondering how to use a double edge safety razor, here are the steps to help you get on your way to a smooth appearance.

● The first step would be to assemble your razor. For this, you would have to unscrew the handle of the razor in order to separate the head from the comb on a standard 3 piece razor. Or unscrew the bottom to open up the top end of a butterfly designed razor, which is what we prefer.

The razor blade has to be placed between the head and the comb. The head is the part of the razor that covers the blade. The comb is the part that fits in between the handle and the head. After you have securely fastened the blade in the razor, you would have to screw the handle back to the head. Now you are good to start wet shaving.

● Wash your face with soap, face wash, or scrub using warm water. This will give your shave optimal results as this will help to further loosen dead skin cells. If you are concerned about drying out your skin, you could use soap or scrub with moisturizer or glycerin in it. A hot wet towel on the face for a couple minutes also moistens the skin and sets the hair up for a good shave. One of our guys here uses olive oil when his skin is dry to moisten it after a wash with hot water to prep for a shave.

● Apply shaving cream on your skin using a shaving brush. A brush is necessary to massage your skin in circular movements to work up the lather. You cannot get the real lather or even coverage with your fingers.

● Keeping your razor at an angle of about 30 degrees, pull it straight down in the same direction in which your hairs grow. Our secret for this is to start up at your sideburns where you are shaving and hold the razor parallel to the ground.

Then work the blade downward until it touches your skin. This is ~30 degrees and you can start shaving.
● Remove hair from your razor by dipping it in a bowl or cup of warm water.

● Continue shaving using light and short strokes, letting the weight of the razor do the work for you. Keeping your skin stretched taut with the help of your free hand will also help to get a closer shave.

● Wash your face, reapply the shaving cream, and shave again.

● When you shave again, it is always better to go against the direction of your hair to get a closer shave. This will help remove any remaining hair or stubble. So first go up to down working downward and next go down to up working upward.

● The above two steps would ensure you have a close shave and your skin is clear and soft.

● After your shave, wash your face with cold water in order to close all pores.

● Apply an after-shave to your facial skin after you shave- it helps as an anti-septic as well as a freshener.

● Make sure your razor is cleaned of all hair. You can ensure your blades last longer by removing the blades and replacing them only when they are dry.

Remember these tips

Wet shaving with a double edge safety razor will always give fantastic results if you keep the following points in mind when shaving:
● Hydrate your skin very well.
● Stretch your skin so that it is taut and tight.
● Keep your razor at an angle and parallel to the skin.
● Let the weight of the razor do the work, applying very little pressure to the skin.
So you see, shaving with DE safety razor is not a huge task after all. Follow these tips for a great shave and look your very best.

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