Check Out The Best Safety Razor: Top Rated Razors

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Why use a safety razor?

The Best Safety razor offers three main benefits over cartridge type razor.
1) Cheaper blades, very economic
2) Less irritation
3) Fun!
Let’s explore these benefits

The Best Safety Razor On The Market

Merkur HD 34C Best Safety RazorMerkur HD 34C2-piece, DE3.2 ounces $$$4.8
Edwin Jagger DE89bl Best Safety RazorEdwin Jagger DE89bl3-piece, DE4 ounces$4.5
Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Best Safety RazorEdwin Jagger DE89Lbl3-piece, DE0.8 ounces$$4.5

1- Economy of razors!
The price of a hundred blades for a safety razor will vary between xx to yy for a hundred blades. If you shave every morning, and if you change blade every 3 shaves. That would be 121 blades for a year.
122 x 0.08 = 9.76$ For a year of blade! That is incredible. This price is based on derby extra blade in a 200 blade format found at 15$. That’s the price of about 2 cartridges for your mach3!
For a Gillette fusion cartridge razor, let’s assume you shave every day and change blade every 7 shaves. That would be 52 cartridges for the year.
52 x 3.37$ = 175.24$ Based on 12 packs of blade off amazon.Wow! That the price of a very expensive safety razor set and brush, including after shave and creams. All paid for with savings during your first year of use.
Using a best safety razor can save you up to 165$ per year. It we go Freakonomics, imagine using it for 50 years! 8250$ of saving cost! Cartridge razor is insanely expensive if you look at the other options. I would get the best safety razor, razor blades and start saving now.

2- Less irritation!
3 and 4 blades cartridges will cause more irritation than a single blade. The blades in these cartridges pull the hair and then have a shave like you did three passes with a safety razor. When using a best safety razor it is not necessary to make 4 passes in one direction, you will have less pass of a blade on the skin which will result in less irritation. Also, shaving soaps and cream are way less harsh on your skin than pressured foam cans. The result is much healthier looking skin and much more comfort.

3- Fun!
Yes fun, using a high-quality tool and making part of a morning ritual can making shaving more challenging and fun. I used to hate shaving with a cartridge razor, now, I feel it’s like a treat to shave
Now that you have decided that YES, choosing the best safety razor is a good solution, the daunting question is where do I start?
I was in the same situation 6 years ago. I read forum after forum, review after review to decide on which was the best safety razor. Here is the result of all this research.

What is The Best Safety Razors?

When looking at the best safety razor you have to consider how well it shaves, construction and design, grip and balance, price and durability.

3 – Parker Safety Razor

Parker safety razors are highly popular and best safety razor for beginners. They are often the 3rd bestselling company for best safety razors in terms of volume. However, they are not close inParker Razors Best Safety Razor the race to the top, they are much farther down in terms of popularity than the Merkur 34C and Edwin Jagger DE89bl. However, they are not often recommended on shaving forums. I would steer clear of these razors, I am not saying that they are a bad choice. You can have different design at a lower price point. When starting it is always better to be safe and enjoy using the best safety razor then making a bad choice never knowing that there was a problem with the razor and going back to cartridge razors. Looking at a 20-30$ razor versus a 30-50$ razor will not amount to a big difference after a year of saving off the razor blades.

They are made in India. While they are a tiny bit less expensive than the British or German counterpart, I would hesitate because of quality control. The slightest deviation on the manufacturing of head of the razor could lead to an uneven blade. If this is the case, the razor can be uncomfortable, and lead to nicks and cuts on a recurring basis. An example would be that one side is more aggressive than the other side. I have read some comment and even though their product have now better quality, these issues still occur more frequently than on Merkur, Edwin Jagger, and Feather razors. This would deter anyone from using a safety razor and go back to a cartridge type razor! While some models have good reviews, if getting a new razor, I would stick to the recommendation below.

2 – Merkur Razor

Merkur razor is the most recommended brand of safety razor on all forum, it’s considered as the best safety razor, there razor have the most reviews and are the extremely good performer. They are made in Germany and have a good quality control. I used mine for 4 years before deciding to use a higher end razor. I also gave mine to my best friend so he could benefit from this great tool.Merkur HD 34C Best Safety Razor The most recommended model is the Merkur 34C HD. It’s a short heavy razor with knurling on the handle to make it less slippery. The system consists of two pieces to change the blade. It is very easy to operate, unscrew the knob at the bottom of the handle and the top can be removed. Change the blade, realign top and re-screw the knob.

This razor has an average aggressivity. What does this mean? It means that the angle of the blade and the distance of the opening where the blade is in the razor will shave quickly with fewer passes but it can be more irritating then a milder angle/opening. I consider it average, as in my case, this is the razor to which all other safety razors are compared to. It is THE most popular razor of the last 10 years or more. While it may be more prone to giving irritation than a milder aggressive razor, it is still light years ahead then a cartridge razor.
There are very little complaints about this razor, review is consistently good. They also concur to what my personal experience of this razor is. It is a consistent performer, always giving a good shave. The control is very good, the knurl on the handle help to prevent slips. Also, this razor is heavy and the handle short, this lets you use mostly gravity to have the razor slice across your beard. The balance and feel are very good giving you one of the two best starter razors on the market. For me, it is a question of personal preference between this amazing safety razor and the Edwin Jagger DE89 below.
This razor could last an entire lifetime. The only possible defect after a very long period of use could be a loss of some plating. I have not seen this occur on my razor after years of use. The price is around 42$ may be a little higher on a smaller niche website, but amazon price is the lowest I have seen.
This utilitarian tool reminds me of German engineering, think Audi of razors.

Check customers reviews and ratings <<< Click Here

1- Edwin Jagger

This is an object both of beauty and purpose. Either the Edwin Jagger DE89bl or Edwin Jagger DE89lbl are the most recommended model from this company. The difference between these two models is simply the lines on the handle. While it looks less utilitarian than the Merkur 34C, it has a more refine look to it. According to users, the smooth or line surface does not lead to a significant slip of the handle has you do not hold that surface but right above it. I have not seen many complaints about this but it may be more an issue of a being more careful when using it.Edwin Jagger DE89bl Best Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger is the second company whose razor are extremely well recommended. I would say that although sale volume may be a little lower, they are being more often recommended on shaving forum in the last couple of years. They are a British company and I believe their razor are still made in the Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Fabrication and quality control are top notch.
The aggressivity of the razor is milder than the Merkur razor. This the only reason why I would suggest this razor over the Merkur 34C. If it is a little milder, you would have a little less irritation and less chance of making nicks and cut while learning to use a safety razor.Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Best Safety Razor

The mechanism is the same as for the Merkur 34C. It is a two piece head which separates by unscrewing the knob at the bottom of the handle. Replace blade, put the head back on handle and re-screw knob.
Balance, spectacular look, quality control – think the Jaguar of razors. It looses some points in my book because it could be a little slippery compare to Merkur, the price is a little lower at around 32 to 40$ makes up for it. This is the razor I am getting my son when he will be old enough to shave, I’m sure he will like it and considered it as the best safety razor ever.


Check this razor Edwin Jagger DE89bl reviews and rating on Amazon <<< Click Here


Check this razor Edwin Jagger DE89lbl reviews and rating on Amazon <<< Click Here




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