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What is the Safety Razor?

Safety Razor

It’s only fair to share… What is the Safety Razor to be used? In today’s time, every single individual is concerned with beauty. Everybody yearns to have a good appearance in order to leave an everlasting impression on one’s mind. The celebrities and models have become the best source of inspiration in the glamour world. […]

Tips for Buying Safety Razors to Use Not Collect

Tips for buying Safety Razors

It’s only fair to share… Best Tips for buying Safety Razors  Using the 4 inch razor on the face actually requires lots of courage for many men. Yes, for those who have not used it for a long haul, or do not have experience or expertise in handling the same, then the process is certainly […]

Where to Buy Merkur Safety Razor?

Merkur Safety Razor

It’s only fair to share…Merkur safety razors are very popular and is a well-known brand in wet shavers. It is a German brand that has standardized its mark in this industry. They offer wide options and are very comfortable in grip and balance. It is easy to use and comes in 2 major types; the […]

A NaWiat Retro Series Safety Razor REVIEW

Nawiat Retro Series safety razor

It’s only fair to share… A Nawiat Retro Series Review Anybody can shave by just running the blade across your face but if you really want to do it properly and enjoy the benefits of expert service even while being at home then you need relevant tools and skills to achieve that. If you want […]

Safety Razor Blade: 3 Advantages Of Shaving With It

Safety Razor Blade

It’s only fair to share… THREE HUGE ADVANTAGES OF SHAVING WITH A SAFETY RAZOR BLADE     Safety razors are quite becoming the trend nowadays due to the fact that more and more people are appreciating its benefits over the cartridge razors and electric shavers. But is it not just because of its vintage appeal, […]

Does the Razor Handle Matter?

razor handle

It’s only fair to share…Features: Does the Razor Handle Matter? When deciding which type of safety razor to buy, one factor to keep in mind is the razor handles. Do you want to use long razor blades or regular ones? Razor handles can make a difference not only to your shaving routine, but to the […]

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Best Double Edge Razor Blades

It’s only fair to share…  Best DE Razor Blades Opinions on what are the best double edge razor blades are likely to differ depending on your skin and beard type. Your best choice will also depend on what brands of blades you have used so far. If somebody recommended a brand of blades, even if it […]

Butterfly Safety Razors Design

Butterfly Safety Razor

It’s only fair to share…  Safety razors are basically made with three different designs-butterfly razors, two piece razors, and three-piece razors. If you have made up your mind to use a double edge safety razor, which is the most effective, economical, and user friendly razor available, you might now be trying to make up your […]

Should I Use a Safety or Straight Razor?

Safety or Straight Razor

It’s only fair to share… What Should I Use? a Safety razor or Straight Razor? You may be at the start of your shaving journey and have a lot of questions in mind. One of the most important questions on your mind might be what type of razor to use, a straight razor or double […]

Best Safety Razor Design: Features

best safety razor

It’s only fair to share… Features: Best Safety Razor Design     What is a safety razor is a question any youngster just learning to shave could easily ask. With so many types of shaving gadgets including electric shavers this not a strange question by any chance. For those who do not know, the safety […]