Safety Razor Blade: 3 Advantages Of Shaving With It

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Safety Razor Blade


Safety razors are quite becoming the trend nowadays due to the fact that more and more people are appreciating its benefits over the cartridge razors and electric shavers. But is it not just because of its vintage appeal, it is much more because of clear cut advantages in using it. It cuts to the skin more than electric shavers. The kit is simpler and cheaper and the ritual is more appealing especially its ability to entrench nostalgic feelings of yesteryears, when men were men. Not that those other shavers are bad but you know sometimes, you just want to get the oldies feeling. Now let’s get to the nitty gritties.
As earlier said, there are several clear cut advantages of using a safety razor blade over and against an electric shaver. Here are they:

It saves money:

It boils down to hard facts about cash. It is a lot cheaper to get safety razor shaving kits than its electric or battery powered counterpart. You untie badly needed cash for other essentials. A man has got to pay other bill! So using safety razors is cheap and effective.

It prevents razor burns

During shaving, skin irritation causes razor burns. Using a cartridge razor may even increase the chances due to build up of bacteria and other not so friendly organism on the several blades of the cartridge. However, a sharp double edged safety razor having less surface area will not have similar problems. And whatever, you do always remember to go with the grain while shaving as this will also help in the reduction of razor burns.

Bye to Acne

One of the greatest nightmares to live with is having acne. It is a tough situation to deal with and it is not made any easier by using cartridge razor or electric shavers with multiple blades. Acne is caused primarily by oils and dirt clogging up the skin pores on the face. Now shaving with a safety razor with its single double edged blade is more friendly on your facial skin pores. This is because a sharp double edged razor has less surface area for bacteria to clog than say a five blade cartridge razor. Again you can more frequently change the blades because they are by far cheaper. Furthermore, a safety razor will spend less time going over a section of facial pores, maybe two to three times. This reduces the number of time the blade goes over the face and therefore also reduces the chances of clogging the pores with dirt or bacteria.

In conclusion, whatever you do while shaving with your double edged safety razor, please mind your angle of shave and make sure you go with the grain. Happy living!

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