Should I Use a Safety or Straight Razor?

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What Should I Use? a Safety razor or Straight Razor?

You may be at the start of your shaving journey and have a lot of questions in mind. One of the most important questions on your mind might be what type of razor to use, a straight razor or double edge safety razor? If your friends or family have been advising you to use one over the other, you might be wondering why, as in why use a safety razor or why use a straight razor? This article will help you decide.

Safety or Straight Razor

A straight razor and a double edge safety razor are two of the basic types of razors used for shaving. What are the basic differences between the two? Straight razors are longer than double edge safety razors. The handle of a straight razor is not fixed to the blade while the handle of a double edge razor is fixed to the blade. The longer handle is the biggest benefit as it makes it easier to shave for men with hands of all shapes and sizes. Here is an example of a straight razor with the longer handle:

Straight Razor Shortcomings

The blade of a straight razor is sharper than that of a double edge razor, but this makes it more dangerous. A slight misjudgment in the angle or pressure can result in a sharp and deep nick or cut. Straight razors are also high on maintenance, unlike safety razors. The care and maintenance required before and after a shave for a straight razor makes it more time consuming than when shaving with a safety razor. Straight razors are also more expensive than safety razors. These are the factors you need to keep in mind when deciding whether to choose a straight razor or double edge razor.

Safety Razor Advantages

Why use safety razor apart from all the reasons mentioned above?

Safety razors require much less time in prepping the equipment and in maintenance after shaving. Butterfly design razors are even faster where we pop the top, remove the blade, rinse, replace and done.

They are also much more cost effective, with a wide range of prices to suit any budget. You can get razors from as little as $5 to a higher range of $100. Blades are available for just $2 for 10 blades. One blade can last up to a week, even if you shave every day. The blade can then be rotated so that the opposite side is used the following week. Wet shaving with a double edge safety razor can also give you a much smoother and closer shave than shaving with a straight razor. There is less possibility for nicks and cuts when shaving with a safety razor, hence the safety part of the name.

Reminders for your best shave with either type of razor

How to wet shave with a double edge razor is a question that that comes to mind after choosing to buy a safety razor. This is a good question, especially for those that are just starting to shave. Our detailed step by step on how to wet shave << Click here. Don’t worry, it’s very easy to learn how to wet shave with a double edge razor, as long as you keep these tips in mind:

  • Hydrate your face with shaving soap or shaving cream, scrub, or face wash with warm water before you shave.
  • Insert and attach the blades firmly within the head of the razor.
  • Keep your razor at an angle of at least 30 degrees to your face for a more effective and effortless shave.
  • Stretch your skin across your neck and cheeks in order to keep it taut and easier to shave.
  • Glide your razor across the angle of your skin, keeping the razor parallel to your skin. There is no need to apply too much pressure when wet shaving with a safety razor as the weight of the razor itself will do all the work for you.
  • Shave along the direction of your hair (called the grain) the first time and against the grain the second and third times. This will give you a smoother and closer shave.
  • Make sure you keep your blades clean and dry after the shave.

Wet shaving with either a safety or straight razor will give you a much better shave time after time than a standard disposable razor. We here prefer the safety razor for the cost “Check the best safety razor“, easier time to learn and master and ease of maintainance over the straight razor. Shaving with either of these razors will ensure you have a smooth and clean look every time.

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