Does the Razor Handle Matter?

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Features: Does the Razor Handle Matter?

When deciding which type of safety razor to buy, one factor to keep in mind is the razor handles. Do you want to use long razor blades or regular ones? Razor handles can make a difference not only to your shaving routine, but to the feel-good factor while shaving as well. So which one should you choose?


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The Regular Handle

Regular razor blades have short handles. Most of the short handled razors are made that way in order to handle the extra weight that safety razors come with. Even so, short handled razors make it more difficult to manoeuvre around hard-to-reach corners and angles of the face. If you have large hands, then a short handled razor might be difficult to wield and manage. Short handled razors could also make it more likely that you nick yourself when shaving. For people who are new to safety razors, short handled ones are more difficult to get started with. It is also more difficult to get a close and smooth shave with a regular, short handled razor.

The Long Handle

Long razor handles help to balance the weight of the razor perfectly. Since safety razors are heavier than other razors, and it is the weight that does the work for you, helping you to glide your razor effortlessly across your skin for the shave, a long handle makes this more enjoyable to do. It is perfect for people with both large hands as well as smaller hands. The length of the handle makes it easier to reach around hard-to-reach areas, like under the chin and in the crook of the neck. It is next to impossible to nick yourself when using a long handled razor blade. If you want the closest and smoothest shave, a long handled razor will help you to control and wield your razor effectively. It is perfect when you need to stretch your skin and keep it taut when shaving the area under your chin. The long handle also makes shaving less taxing when you have to shave more than once during a single shaving session as your hands do not get fatigued using a long handled razor, as opposed to when using a razor with shorter handles.

Two of the best long handle razors

So now that it has been determined that long handles are the best for a smoother, closer shave, which is the best long handled safety razor that you can buy? While there are many different varieties of safety razors out there, each with their own models of regular and long handled razors, the most popular and best long handled safety razor that you can buy is the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor. This Merkur classic brand, made in Germany, is designed to be perfect for men with large hands and for those who prefer a really close shave. It is sturdy and has a Chrome finish that makes it aesthetically pleasing. It also has a grip that is non-slip to make shaving all the more effortless and pleasurable, without the danger of slipping and nicking yourself. This safety feature makes the Merkur long handled safety razor perfect for those who are just starting out on their shaving journey, especially those in their teens.

Another long handled safety razor available are Parker Long Handle Butterfly Open double edge safety razor. The butterfly design makes it easier to open to replace the blades as you just have to twist to open. The long handle is also textured in order to provide a firmer grip. This is perfect not only for those who are young, but also those who are elderly whose hands may not be as steady as they used to be. This is the choice (other than our own S3 razor) of us here at S3. We love our Parkers as much as we love our own razor.

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