A NaWiat Retro Series Safety Razor REVIEW

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A Nawiat Retro Series Review

Anybody can shave by just running the blade across your face but if you really want to do it properly and enjoy the benefits of expert service even while being at home then you need relevant tools and skills to achieve that. If you want a vintage feel and doing it like back in the days, there is a perfect tool for that. Try a safety razor blade Nawiat retro series safety razor, black handle, mach3. It is an elegant looking razor easy to hold and it has a classy feel to it. You will enjoy every bit of it.
However, like earlier said, shaving is an art and involves a very simple ritual . We will look at the attractive experience of shaving with a time tested vintage safety razor, the Nawiat retro series featuring a back handle and mach three. So are you ready for it?




Nawiat Retro Series safety razor




There are several steps involved.

Step one: Create enough time

Never be in a rush to finish a shave. It may have disastrous consequences for your handsome face, rather give enough time to prepare your face for this all important ritual—shaving. Wash your face thoroughly to remove oily layers that may not sit very well with your having experience. It is really advisable to use facial cleansing oils and do not immediately remove after applying them. Give a small time say like three minutes before you rinse. This will remove most of the oil on the face. Whatever you do avoid using harsh soaps.

Step two: Use a Brush to apply your shaving cream

A good well made brush is what you need to apply the shaving cream. It will ensure that the hair is well creamed by pushing the cream into all nooks and corner of the hair. Using your hand to apply cream is a no. Apart from the fact that you will need the hand for the shaving, you won’t be able to properly disperse the cream on the hair with hand. A badger brush makes a better job of it as it will lift the hairs and properly coat them with cream.

Step three: Use your Nawiat retro series safety razor

When it comes to razors, the Gilette Mach 3 used by the Nawiat series is an excellent pick. The blade is sharp and double edged, very apt for a good shaving experience. The Retro Series styling has integrated metal notched inserts that allow you to hang razor either head up or head down. Attractive handle is lathe turned and has several grooves cut into it for a better grip. The handle is buffed to a brilliant finish.
Now for a clean skin deep experience ensure you shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid razor burns or ingrown hairs.



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