Where to Buy Merkur Safety Razor?

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Merkur safety razors are very popular and is a well-known brand in wet shavers. It is a German brand that has standardized its mark in this industry. They offer wide options and are very comfortable in grip and balance. It is easy to use and comes in 2 major types; the adjustable and fixed head kinds. The adjustable ones are used by advanced users and the latter by beginners. Handles have various designs and diameters. The handle provides non slipping hold in wetness.

There are plenty of online and retail stores, which provide variable designs and models of Merkur safety razors at affordable prices.

Merkur Safety Razor

Where to Buy Merkur Safety Razor?

Amazon, Walmart, groominglounge.com, bestbuy.com, pickmyshaver.com, Shave Den, etc. are some of the online websites that provide Merkur razor blades at affordable prices. Other than this, retail stores provide the standard razors of this brand. They are readily available at ease.

Some of the Merkur safety razors that topped the list among the best razors are:

#1 Merkur 34C model

the best safety razor

  • Provides super smooth shave
  • Ease of shave
  • Best safety razors present on the market
  • Provide an ideal handle for easy handling and comfortable shaving
  • DOVO Solingen make
  • Priced around 48 dollars


#2 Merkur 38 C model


  • Has long handle to extend and shave easily
  • DOVO Solingen make
  • Barber Pole model
  • Priced around 52 dollars


Key features common in both the models:

  • Very well made
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Razor swapping is easier and safe
  • Body lasts very long; you only need to change the blades.
  • Consistent and smooth shave
  • Minute pressure/effort required
  • Comes with get started guides
  • Comfortable shave obtained

#3 Merkur 180 with Long Handle

Merkur 180

  • Not very heavy as the above models
  • Has a long handle for longer hands
  • Come with chrome finish
  • Easier swapping of blades
  • This model is Double bladed
  • Ease of operation
  • Smooth and close shave
  • Priced around 33 dollars

#4 Advanced and adjustable model: Merkur Futur

best safety razor

Futur has an appealing and elegant look. Its contemporary design and outlook sets it aside from other models. It provides a smooth finish and there are no patterns provided on the surface or handle for grip. The handle is, however, long and offers space for longer hands. Its total weight is 4 ounces that provides it a solid feel which is preferred by many shavers. Cutting head has a unique design which is bulky as well as large. Blade hold is secure and installation and uninstallation of the blade is easy. Adjustment settings are provided on the handle to raise or lower the cutting head. This offers blade gap. This can be varied based on the density of the beard and the skin type. This is recommended for males who have an experience in shaving with fixed heads.

The above models are readily available and are affordable. One can buy them online and from retail stores, and this is exactly where to buy Merkur safety razor.

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