Butterfly Safety Razors Design

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Safety razors are basically made with three different designs-butterfly razors, two piece razors, and three-piece razors. If you have made up your mind to use a double edge safety razor, which is the most effective, economical, and user friendly razor available, you might now be trying to make up your mind on which kind of design to buy. Here you will find all the information you need on these three types of designs, so that when you finally make your decision, it will be an informed one, which will give you comfort and ease of shaving for years to come.

# Butterfly design razors

This razors are also known as twist-to-open (TTO) or silo razors. This design is available in vintage safety razors as well as the modern day safety razors. The butterfly safety razor is a design that never goes out of style because it is much loved by the millions of men who have used them the world over. Shavers love its ease of use as well as its aesthetic design. A butterfly razor has a mechanical trigger that helps to open or close the plates of the cutting head, making the changing of blades an effortless process. Wet shavers prefer a butterfly safety razor because they can easily change the blade even in the middle of a shave without any hassle. Butterfly safety razors can save you loads of time in your busy mornings when you have to rush to work. If you find yourself having to change your razors at this time, it will only take a minute with a butterfly safety razor. Heavy bearded and daily shavers will love this ease of swap out.


Butterfly Safety Razor


# Two piece razors

Butterfly Safety RazorThis design has a removable cutting head plate which you have to screw and unscrew in order t
o change a blade. This is difficult to do and takes a lot of time. It is especially time consuming if you have to change blades between shaves. When you are already hard-pressed for time and find yourself having to screw and unscrew a part of your safety razor in order to change the blade, it can be quite a hassle.

# Three piece razors

This is the design that was originally introduced with safety razors a century ago. It is still available on some models of safety razors. Here, the base can also be removed, along with the cutting head. This is even more time consuming than the two-piece safety razor to dismantle and assemble. You have to keep your hand on both the top and bottom plates of the cutting head while you reattach the handle. If both the top and bottom plates are not properly aligned when you are Butterfly Safety Razorreattaching them on the handle, the blade will not be placed properly, and you have to go through the entire process again. This requires a bit of dexterity and practice. For beginners in the world of safety razors or wet shaving, this could be a turn-off. This is especially more of a hassle when you are in a hurry to get shaved and go out.

Butterfly design safety razors are the best razors for both amateurs and long-term users of safety razors. It is user friendly in design. It takes very little time to change the blades. There is no need to balance both the plates and the handle at the same time. If you are in a hurry to go out and decide to change your blade in the middle of a shave, a butterfly design can help you do that in a jiffy. Even the most inexperienced wet shaver can do this in a few minutes! The benefits are numerous with the butterfly designed razors.


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