Introduction to the Best Safety Razors

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Intro to the Best Safety Razors

Deciding on the type of razor to shave with can have a great impact on the type of shave you get, both in terms of feel and looks. To help you decide and get started, we have reviewed three of the best razors here. Knowing more about them will help you make an informed choice on which one to ultimately buy.


best safety razor


The razors we are reviewing are:

#1 Wilkinson razors

The Wilkinson double edge razors are one of the most classic in this category. The Wilkinson comes in under $10 and can give a shave that is as smooth and as close as any cartridge or electric shaver. This is a two piece design and is not adjustable. It is made of plastic and yet is as durable as the metal razors. It usually comes with a pack of five Wilkinson blades which are also very high quality and last long. The blade is not exposed that much in this razor and it gives a milder shave when compared to other safety razors. However, this makes it safer than other razors and less liable to give you nicks or cuts. While it may not be aggressive enough to take out a week-long stubble, it is perfect for those who shave regularly and just want to smoothen out their shaves. The long handle of this razor gives you a really good grip while you shave. This is especially suitable for those who are new to wet shaving or teenagers who are just starting to shave. For regular and experienced shavers, this will be perfect for your daily shaving needs.

#2 Merkur Razors

Merkur razors are a firm favorite among those who prefer wet shaving with a double edge safety razor. They come in a wide variety of handle lengths, which make it perfect for easier grips when shaving. They also come constructed in two piece or three piece models. They have a comb bar which gives you a better grip and prevents slipping of the razor when shaving. The weight plus the longer handle gives these razors a really effortless shave as the weight and the length of the razor does the work for you while you glide it along your skin. They are also aesthetically appealing, made of stainless steel, and some models come with a 2-year warranty. The German high quality steel can even last a lifetime, which makes this extremely cost effective. Rinsing the Merkur is also relatively easier, making it more maintenance friendly and faster to shave with. This is one of the classics and best of the razors on the market.

#3 Parker Razors

These razors are popular across all generations of shavers. There are a wide variety of razors within the Parker brand, each one having its own unique quality but also having some common features which makes it have a loyal base of users. The Parker razors are aesthetically designed with a chrome finish. They have a long handle and are heavy in weight, which gives a closer, more effortless shave. The weight makes it easier to control and balance. Some Parkers also come with a user-friendly knob at the bottom with which you can open and close the razor. The Parker razor also has a few models with the distinctive butterfly design which makes it easy to twist and open the head of the razor. This makes it easy and less time consuming to replace the blades. The heavy weight of this razor means you need to apply very little pressure, just allowing the razor to pull along your face. They are also very durable, lasting up to a year.

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