Top 4 Best Safety Razor Blades Reviews: Pick Yours

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After choosing the best safety razor, the next important thing is choosing best safety razor blades for your safety razor. Definitely, not all blades do good work for all razors, but you should select the right blade for the right razor. All of us want to achieve close shave and this will not be achieved except by using the right blades, it has to be safe and sharp at the same time, Blade’s durability will depend on how you use it and how you keep it after shaving. All blades made from stainless steel, so this indicates that they will not rust with the time, this is not means that they will not rust, you should to dry your blades and clean them after every shave.

Best Safety Razor Blades Chart

Best Safety Razor BladesAstra Platinum BladesDE3.2 Ounes$$4.7
Best Safety Razor BladesFeather BladesDE2.4 ounces$$$4.7
Best Safety Razor BladesDerby Extra BladesDE5.6 ounces$4.4
Best Safety Razor BladesPersonna BladesDE0.3 ounces$$4.4

Nowadays men love the traditional old way of wet shaving just like their grandparents, I’m not surprised of that because most of them found that electric shavers don’t do good work like the safety razors. If you see the prices of both safety razors and electric razors, of course, safety razors are more affordable and multipurpose. If I buy one of these safety razors, I can use it as a beard shaver, leg shaver, chest shaver, pubic shaver, bikini line shaver, head shaver and so much more. Imagine if you get a razor cost you only 29 $ like Merkur Long Handled and get a pack of blades costs 10$, of course, the output cannot be measured with the electric shaver. If you need good shaving in the morning, I have collected a list of best safety razor blades and you can choose one that fits your needs. All of these blades work with all types of safety razors.

best safety razor blades

Top 4 Best Safety Razor Blades:

#1 Astra Platinum DE Safety Razor Blades


Best Safety Razor Blades

Astra full packet comes with one hundred blades with a very low price, really good price compared with the number of blades that packet contains. Sometimes you have to change the blade twice a week, but if you use a high-quality blade, you can use 1 blade per the week. However, people with heavy and thick beards might use 2 or 3 blades per the week and this pack contains 100 blades that will last for 4 or 5 months, I considered this brand that it’s one of the best safety razor blades.


  • Get Rid of Used Blades: – If the blade consumed too much, you should change it with another new one. But don’t keep these used blades at every place in your home, simply you can get a small can and put them inside it. This packet contains 100 blades, so don’t worry if you throw your old blade, you have a lot of blades! Once you finished the packet, collect them all and give them to a recycling company.
  • The Durability: – These blades are made from stainless steel so they last for a while, however, the sharpness fades with frequent use. Heavy thick beards can use 1 blade for every 3 shaves, then you need to replace it with a new one.
  • Dividing into 2 Halves: – A number of men like the division of the blade into 2 halves, this’s not a widespread practice but some people used half blades in a shavette. A Shavette looks much like a straight razor. Shavette uses blades like a DE safety razor, it’s not so popular, but a lot of barbers depends on it, it’s perfect for shaving beards and bald heads.
  • Fitting: – These blades fit very well with all brands of Double edge safety razors.

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#2 Feather Double Edge Razor Blades


Best Safety Razor Blades

Feather brand has been most popular products for self-care for men in the last decades. All men want best safety razor blades, stainless steel blades have been everywhere on the markets for a long time, but these days we want a change, do you want to use a new and safe blade? Feather produced a Platinum Coated Hi-stainless blade, it won’t rust very quickly, Feather sharpness takes a time to wear out, and so it can last for some time. Feather like Astra, it contains 100 blades, but it cost a little more compared with Astra, its performance is very perfect. Feather blades got a very high rating from customers on Amazon, this means that customers who have purchased this product, have considered it as a good value for money.


  • Trash Slot: – Feather blades are one of the best safety razor blades, it has a plastic nice box with two slots, one for new blades and another one for used blades, so you don’t need to bring a can to throw your old blades inside it.
  • Fit in Merkur Safety Razor: – There are many guys uses Merkur razors and of course, these razors are 1 of the best safety razors on the supermarkets. These razors fit with any double edge blade, this means that you don’t need to depend on one special blades brand. You can obtain a close shave with using Feather blades in your Merkur.
  • The Way of Use: – First step is bringing a warm or hot cloth and apply it in on your face to soak your beard to make it soft in order to open the pores of the skin. Apply your shaving soap or cream, insert your blade into the razor then start shaving, don’t apply too much pressure during shaving process because these blades are very sharp, you may finish with cuts and nicks.

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#3 Derby Extra Double-Edge Razor Blades


Best Safety Razor Blades

Derby Extra blades are very popular, I’m quite sure that you have at least one friend own these blades and recommend them to you. These blades are made from stainless, sturdy enough to cut the heavy beards. You able to use them in all safety razors and are friendly on a sensitive skin or any skin. If you are a wet shaving beginner, I recommend you to use Extra blades, I am sure you will never regret, in addition to they come with a suitable price. The packet comes with 100 double edge blades. Use 2 or 3 blades per week if you have a heavy hair.


  • Get Rid Of Used Derby Blades: – These blades comes without trash slot, so you have to bring a can or mug to put used blades inside it.
  • Suitable or not: – When you deciding to buy blades, you wonder yourself, does this blades will fit in my razor? Of course, you can use these blades in any brand or type of safety razors. Really it works nicely.

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#4 Personna Double Edge Razor Blades


Best Safety Razor Blades

Let’s take a look at Personna Blades, its packet also comes with 100 blades like the 3 other brands I have mentioned above. They are coated stainless blades that were manufactured in a high quality, I mentioned this brand in the list because it has got the rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Safe on Buttocks: – Everyone wants a safe and good blade for shaving their butt. Personna was manufactured for owners of sensitive skin, it’s strong and sharp. Insert the blade in a perfect safety razor to get best results.
  • Works Well with Merkur: – These DE blades can work with Merkur razors and all safety razors.
  • Replacing: – Personna package contains 100 blades, you can use one blade for 4 – 6 shaves then start using a new one, but this depends on your beard structure. If your beard is too thick and coarse, you can shave 3 times with a single blade then pick a new blade for next use.

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Last words

Do not hesitate, all of this list are best safety razor blades, just pick your favorite blades then use them, if it hasn’t done a good work, you can choose another brand that will fit your needs.

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