What is the Best Razor for Men?

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What is the Best Safety Razor for Men

A safety razor is a tool used for shaving that features a protection mechanism between the actual blade and the skin of the one shaving. This mechanism provides the user with a close shave with minimal nicks or cuts occurring. A safety razor uses disposable blades, therefore the actually shaving unit is reused, cutting back on costs to you as the consumer, as well as guaranteeing the sharpest blades when you install them.


How Should I Choose the Best Safety Razor?

There are many brands and designs of safety razors available to you as the consumer. When choosing a model that is right for you, there are a few main factors to consider:


The size and weight of the handle of the shaving unit.

Make sure the handle or head are not off balance in weight, making it awkward for you to use. Shaving with a safety razor requires balance and comfort to ensure the safest shave. Make sure you purchase a safety razor that fits the way you maneuver; even a classic safety razor should be properly weighted for your personal use.

Make sure the blade is equally exposed along the length of the razor head.

If there are inconsistencies, you will probably need to find another brand; consistency in this area is vital to the safest shave possible.

Be aware of the grip type on the handle. Is there a grip design of any kind? Are you comfortable using a razor without one while wet shaving?

 Other pointers when choosing the right brand safety razor for your needs would include paying close attention to the gap present between the blade and the safety device. Is this gap adjustable on the model you are considering? Too wide a gap for the wrong person can result in numerous nicks and cuts. It is important to make sure you have a razor that either fits your needs or is adjustable to the needs you have. Purchasing an inexpensive model of safety razor will typically result in uneven gaps, or too much gapping altogether. Be sure you pay attention, and spending what is necessary on a quality safety razor is a good investment for the man who values a close, quality shave.

Below we will discuss and review several types of safety razors, thereby helping you to choose the best safety razor to suit your needs and desires, providing you with the most comfortable personal shave you can find.


1. Merkur Double-Edge Razor

Merkur Double-Edge RazorThis German made model has been manufactured with men in mind, offering a wonderfully close shave without the many nicks one experiences with conventional disposable razors. This safety razor has been designed and assembled to protect the skin, minimizing razor burn as well. It is known for its ability to provide a great shave as well as its ease of use. This is an excellent safety razor choice.

This imported safety razor model by Merkur offers the following features:

  • A high quality, extra close shave that you can count on.
  • A long handle for easier use by those with larger hands and fingers.
  • This strong razor has a chrome finish.
  • Diamond cut patterned handle for the best possible grip.

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2. Edwin Jagger Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double-Edge Safety Razor

Here is a renowned safety razor with a great reputation. The Edwin Jagger safety razor in this model offers users the following advantages and features:

This razor has the reputation it takes to back up what it can do. This Edwin Jagger model will give you an awesome shave, close and smooth, because it is simple to handle and balance in design. This safety razor also comes in an attractive box for the ultimate presentation, making it the perfect gift for the man in your life. It is compatible with all DE blades, and is an excellent buy for your money.

  • Incredible balance in handle of the shaving unit, guaranteeing ease of use and minimizing accidents.
  • The Edwin Jagger features a DE head which is compatible to all DE blades.
  • This unit will provide a closer shave than a straight razor, and with much more safety.
  • Lines in handle provide for good grip.

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3. Merker Model 178 Classic Safety Razor, Straight

Here is another fine Merker product that is worth a look. This razor is a classic model, and very popular among men who prefer to use safety razors. The following benefits offered by this razor explain why so many gravitate toward it when preparing to buy a new razor:

While this is a highly effective and popular model of Merker safety razor, those who use it recommend giving yourself time to get use to the straight head, which contributes to the closeness of the shave. Small, simple strokes will provide the user with the best results, and they will find this to be one of the finest safety razors they have had the pleasure of owning. It is a great buy!


  • Diamond cut handle for the best grip.
  • Offers the Merker High Quality Close Shave.
  • Tough chrome finish.
  • A straight edge offers the closest, most comfortable shave imaginable.

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4. Merker “Futur” Safety Razor with Satin Finish

This model Merker is not only highly effective in its purpose, but it is a beautiful unit as well, offering great weight balance and control for the closest, most attractive shave. Other features of the Merker “Futur” model include:

While this is one model Merker that does not feature the diamond cut handle, it is great for the experienced safety razor user. One of the most popular features, beside being double-edged, is the adjustable head. Because of this, the user is able to customize their own shaving experience, getting as close and comfortable a shave as they desire. If you have used a safety razor before, this is the perfect replacement model for you.

  • Double-edged head design for more shaves and ease of use.
  • Adjustable blade allows you to choose the most comfortable angle for you.
  • Attractive satin finish.

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5. Edwin Jagger Faux Ebony Double Edged Safety Razor in Black

Here is a razor that is not only excellent in its ability to provide one with the closest and most comfortable shave, but it is gorgeous to look at as well, being masculine through and through in appearance. Fans of Edwin Jagger, and those with safety razor experience, will love the sleek design and quality shave this model provides. The following features are offered with this shaving unit:

  • Compatible with all standard DE blades.
  • Durable, balanced, and strong.
  • Provides an excellent close shave, comparable to that of a straight razor.

This is another fine Edwin Jagger safety razor that is worth the purchase. This model also comes in an attractive package, making it perfect for gift giving, and the name Edwin Jagger assures the user they are getting the very best shave.

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6. Muehle Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor; Chrome Plated Meta

While this imported safety razor may be the “odd man out” as far as brands go, it definitely holds its own as one of the finest safety razors on the market today. Some of the features that make the Muehle a very desirable razor include the following:

While this safety razor is acclaimed by those who have experience with safety razors, users will find the design revolutionary in its ability to provide the ultimate facial hair control. This feature alone has made the Muehle one of the most popular and effective safety razors available on the market today, and is well worth a look for any wet shave enthusiast.

  • Open comb provides for ultimate control, lifting facial hair for the closest possible cut.
  • Chrome plated metal features diamond cut designed handle for the best grip and control.
  • Perfect safety razor for beards that are thick and strong.
  • Best razor choice for those practiced in the wet shave.

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Whether you are a veteran user of the safety razor or are a new fan, finding the right model for you is of the greatest importance. Using a safety razor regularly will provide you with the finest, closest shave imaginable if you have chosen your razor wisely. By researching the above units you can find more information on the various features offered by each, and this knowledge, coupled with the tips given regarding finding the right safety razor for you, will help you narrow down you choices and find exactly what you need.

Make sure you do not choose the razor simply for the packaging our appearance of the unit itself. Ask yourself, Is the head adjustable? Is the gap equal between the safety and the blade? Is it double-edged? Do I want a unit with a comb device? What is the weight like? How does it feel in my hand?

Be sure to consider your experience level when making your purchase as well. If you are use to shaving with an disposable or electric razor, you will need a little practice. Seek out a safety razor that is good for beginner use. It is also important to consider whether or not you want a razor that is will take any brand blade, or if you want only one brand in particular. By taking all these factors into consideration, and doing the proper research, you should find one of the above units are more than sufficient for your needs, whatever they may be.

So choose today the best safety razor for your needs. You will be pleased with the performance of any brand listed above, all of which are brands that are known and loved by shavers all over the world. Place an order for your safety razor of choice today. You will be glad you did.

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