Best Double Edge Razor Blades

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Best DE Razor Blades

Opinions on what are the best double edge razor blades are likely to differ depending on your skin and beard type. Your best choice will also depend on what brands of blades you have used so far. If somebody recommended a brand of blades, even if it is the best blade in the market, you could think poorly of it if it has given you nicks and skin irritation. However, somebody else might find that the very same make is commendable. Naturally the best safety razor blades are those that slide smoothly over your skin and which do not pull and tug at the hair to leave your face itchy and burning. A lot of people would also consider the price and longevity of the blade, to place it in the category of best.


Best Double Edge Razor Blades


Blades are a personal choice

As we’ve already said there can never be a best blade as each one has a different choice in blades. Also a blade that fits in and works well with your choice of razor would be considered better by you than by a person who finds that the blade does not work with their safety razor. Generally the sharper blades are considered good for someone who has been shaving for a long while and who knows the technique.

In fact, a sharper blade, like a sharp knife in the kitchen is safer than a dull one.

If you are just starting out and you select a really sharp blade then naturally you will have to suffer nicks and cuts as you won’t know how to handle the blade correctly. It would be a classic case of blaming the tools, which would be unfair because that blade could be considered one of the best in the market provided you are a pro at traditional shaving. It is therefore a good idea to experiment with a number of blade types till you come up with one that suits your skin type, your beard thickness and your razor type. Once you have found the right blade for you then that will be your best blade.

Price and quality of blades

The cheaper razor blades may not necessarily be the best blades. Thankfully many of these blades, including the best ones, are inexpensive. Sometimes however, you do find a blade that is reasonably priced and which has a finish that is at par with some of the more expensive brands of blades. However, the best double edge razor blades will offer a consistence performance. It can happen that one person will use a blade for 3 shaves and another will use a blade of the same brand for 10 days. This is not considered inconsistent because the two users could have different beard types. However, if the person who used the same blade for 10 days now finds that the next blade in the pack works for only five days or seven days will be considered inconsistent performance.
Here are some of our favorite blades.

Sharpness and smoothness

It is obvious that unless a blade has the requisite sharpness to cut the hair follicles smoothly the blade cannot be considered a good blade. If the blade is blunt it is likely to cause a lot of tugging and double shaving on the same spot. A blade that under performs and does not give a close cut and smooth shave is not the good quality blade. A blade that shows a quick reduction in sharpness or does not cut the hair in one smooth motion is not a good blade either. Blades that miss a lot of stubble and do not clean the area in one slide of the safety razor ( Click here ) are not quite perfect and need to be changed because they are either not suitable for your beard type or they have not been manufactured well or have dulled over time with use.

Environmentally friendly

People are switching to safety razors for many reasons. One is due to the environmental benefits. Traditional wet shaving has been given the thumbs up from our green friends because safety razors are made from environmental friendly metals. Moreover they do not cause any environmental clutter like the disposable razors since they last a long time and can be used for long periods. If you have an environmentally friendly razor it follows, that the blades you use must be environmentally friendly and easy to dispose so that you can do your bit to make the environment a little better. Sometimes the blades come in plastic packaging that can also cause damage to the environment; so choose blades that come in simple wrappers that can be disposed of easily.

To conclude, one person’s best blade could be another person’s worst shaving nightmare. One can suffer from the tugs and pulls and while another may have the smoothest shave with the same brand of blades. It is all a matter of choosing something that suits you. Getting the right blade makes it the best blade as it will have the requisite quality, longevity, sharpness and smoothness- never mind if it is a less expensive blade as compared to other higher priced brands. Every beard is different.


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